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Code Description Malaysia (RM) Other Countries (USD)
HP/C Half Page/Color 2,300 800
FP/C Full Page/Color 3,800 1,400
IBC Inside Back Cover/Color 5,000 1,800
IFC Inside Front Cover/Color 5,700 2,000
DS Double Spread/Color 7,600 2,600
BC Back Cover/Color 8,600 3,000
Other Services
Product/Services Malaysia (RM) Other Countries (USD)
E-Broadcasting 3,800 per wave 1,400
Mail List Rental 3.50 per addressee 1.20
Building Information Directory 3,800 per annum 1,400
B & I Report 3,800 per annum 1,400
All above rates are not inclusive of 6% Sales Tax. Terms & Conditions apply.

Additional Colour
Standard colours - CMYK
Additional color - RM600.00 or USD210.00 per color

Special Position
20% premium for any preferred position

Agency Commission
15% of the advertising rates to advertising agencies or freelance agent providing advertising materials.

All bookings may be made within 1 month from date of publication and advertising materials must be submitted 3 weeks prior to publication. No cancellation will be entertained 4 weeks prior to publication. Series discount is negotiable.

Production Charges
Concept, design layout, copywriting, photography, artwork, color separation and proof etc. will be charge at trade rates.

Acceptable Sizes
Our magazine specifications as follows:

Trim Size: 210mm (W) x 280mm (H)
Bleed size: 220mm (W) x 290mm (H)
Type Area: 196mm (W) x 265mm (H)

Horizontal Half-Page: 210mm (W) x 140mm (H)
Bleed size: 220mm (W) x 150mm (H)
Type Area: 196mm (W) x 125mm (H)

Lines Screen: 150 - 175
Resolution: 300 dpi

CTP File Format: PDF with CROP MARKS

Payment Terms
50% confirmation deposit and balance after publication. Cash discount of 5% when full payment is received with the advertisement order.

Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice.